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Conference registration is open from 14:00 to 17:00 at convention center in Osaka University.
Welcome reception is start form 17:30 at La Scena in Osaka University. You can go there from the registration desk at the convention center or directly go to the building named GSE common east.
Opening ceremony on 6th Sep. will start from 9:00 AM at MO Hall 3F Convention Center, Osaka University. Please check the final program via the link below

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Deadline of the application is August 10.

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The deadline for the submission of the extended manuscript is postponed to May 10. Accordingly, that for the early registration is also postponed to May 31.

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Invited speeches are updated.
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Due to the current strong price of Japanese yen, the National Organizing Comitte of ISMQC2010 has decided to offer the lower registration fees:

Early Registration
Ordinary: 58,000 JPY
including the participation fee for the banuet(5,000 JPY per person)

Student: 25,000 JPY
in which the participation fee for the banquet is not included

In case of the standard registration, 10,000 JPY will be added to each price.

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Welcome Message

International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control (ISMQC) is one of the most important scientific events that is normally held once in every two or four years in the field of measurements and quality control. The aim of the symposium is to present the evolution of manufacturing metrology & quality management, to spot their implication for science, industry & engineering and to highlight new techniques of measurement at the international level. It brings together researchers, developers and users to discuss theoretical and experimental research, their applications and future trends relevant to measurement, optical metrology and quality management.

ISMQC is supported by IMEKO-Technical Committee (TC14) on Measurement of Geometrical Quantities. The ISMQC series has been organized successfully eight times since its inception. The 10th ISMQC will be organized at Osaka University, Suita, Osaka, Japan, in September 2010. Special emphasis will be on innovative and quality research work and applied scientific results. Novel methods and technologies, intelligent measuring techniques in various fields of application, including Engineering, Science, Medicine, Biology etc. will also be covered. The symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for the presentation of the achievements and also provide a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas among participants from universities, leading research institutions, and industries from various parts of the globe. The symposium will provide a chance to share the 21st century technology and to develop effective cooperation between countries.

Symposium Scope

Papers, posters, and exhibitions are invited on the following aspects:
A  Measurements for Dimensional, Geometrical and Mechanical Quantities in Manufacturing
A 1 Sensors, Components and Systems
* A 1.1 Machine Vision and Image Processing
* A 1.2 3D-Surface Texture and its Micro Characteristics
* A 1.3 CMM-Metrology
* A 1.4 Form Tester
* A 1.5 Gear Metrology
* A 1.6 Measurement of Motion Parameters
* A 1.7 Advanced Optoelectronic Sensors and Instruments
* A 1.8 Nonlinear Optical Instruments Applied for Industry

A 2 Metrology fields
* A 2.1 Macrogeometric features and characteristics
* A 2.2 Test Planning
* A 2.3 Machine tool metrology
* A 2.4 Webbased Metrology Services

A 3 Strategies and Methods
* A 3.1 Measurement Equipment Monitoring and Metrological Self-Diagnostics
* A 3.2 Accreditation of Calibration Laboratories
* A 3.3 New Education and Training Methods

A 4 Measurement Evaluation and Verification
* A 4.1 Uncertainty Evaluation and Traceability
* A 4.2 Metrology Software and Software Evaluation
* A 4.3 Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification (GPS)
* A 4.4 Tolerancing, Testing, Evaluation

A 5 Intelligent Measurement
* A 5.1 Intelligent Micro- and Nano-Metrology
* A 5.2 Intelligent Measurement Algorithm and Simulation
* A 5.3 Intelligent Nano Positioning
* A 5.4 Intelligent Calibration and Testing Methods for Measurement Equipment
* A 5.5 Pre-, In- and Post-Process Measurement
* A 5.6 Optical Measurement for Geometrical Quantity Evaluation
* A 5.7 X-ray Application for 3-D Measurement
* A 5.8 Nano Photonics for Intelligent Measurement
* A 5.9 Novel Methods for Medical and Biological Measurement
* A 5.10 MEMS/MOEMS Application in Measurement Field

B  Quality Control for Geometrical Quantities
B 1 Quality Control Strategies and Methods

* B 1.1 Quality Planning
* B 1.2 Quality Control Loops
* B 1.3 Quality-databased Systems, Quality-data-Exchange
* B 1.4 Knowledge based Quality-Methods

B 2 Managing Quality Control
* B 2.1 Measurement of Quality, Quality gates
* B 2.2 Audits and Certification
* B 2.3 Quality management in distributed manufacturing systems
* B 2.4 Networks for Quality Management
* B 2.5 Quality-Improvement
* B 2.6 Education and Training

Organized by

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Technical Committee for Intelligent Nano-Measure, JSPE

In association with

The International Measurement Confederation(IMEKO)
Technical Committee TC14 Measurement of Geometrical Quantities, IMEKO
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE)

In-cooperation with

Korean Society for Precision Engineering (KSPE)
Chinese Society for Measurement (CSM)

Financial Support by

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Mazak Foundation

OElectro-Mechanic Technology Advancing Foundation

The Precise Measurement Technology Promotion Foundation