Paper Submission

Submission of Extended Manuscript

The deadline for the submission of Extended Manuscript is postponed to May 10th 2010 in accordance with the rescheduling of Abstract Submission. 

We invite you to submit original, unpublished papers in the fields mentioned under Topics. The accepted papers will be published as IMEKO proceedings. Copyright of the materials published in the proceedings of ISMQC belongs to the IMEKO. A number of papers in specific topics will be selected by the Publication Committee for publication of updated versions and it will be encouraged to apply “Measurement”, which is IMEKO official publishing journal.

These directions are written in the format required for the extended manuscript for International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control 2010 (ISMQC2010, September 5-9, 2010, Osaka, Japan).

All manuscripts should be prepared on A4 paper (297 x 210 mm) using Times New Roman with single line spacing, unless otherwise specified. The manuscript should be in 4 pages in length, and submitted in a PDF file.

The text should be arranged in the following order: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Experiments and Simulations, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, and so forth. Use short paragraphs wherever possible. Express ideas clearly, and avoid using slang. Abbreviations should be explained in the text. If many abbreviations are used, a table of abbreviations should be included. The paper title and authors should be exactly in the format as indicated in this template in order to maintain uniformity throughout the Proceedings.

Abstract should not exceed 250 words. Type the keywords below the abstract, using the same format. The main text, acknowledgement and references should be typed in Times New Roman 10 point.

PDF format file is required to submit the abstracts.

Page margins should be Your manuscript must fit within the required margins. Set your margins for the pages at 25 mm for the top margin and 25 mm for bottom, 16mm for left and right. The font in the manuscript is Times New Roman recommended with single spaced lines. Please avoid Arial, Helvetica and Sans-serif fonts, if there is no proper reason. Each line in any paragraph is in single-spaced with 12 point between lines

More details are described in the template which can download via the link below.
The extended manuscript are to be submitted by May 10th 2010.

We advise you to download these directions as a MS Word document and use it as the template for your Extended manuscript because it contains all necessary formats and styles. The Programme Committee appreciates in advance your compressing the PDF file size as small as possible.

Submission is done through a web based system. Do not send the extended manuscript by email. Before entering the submission process, please produce your PDF file.

The link for the web system to submit the manuscript is included in e-mail in the notification of the acceptance for your abstract. Please follow the link in the e-mail of the acceptance notification for your submitted abstract.

The template of the copyright transfer form can download via the link below. The copyright transfer form is required when you submit the extended manuscript via the manuscript submission system.

Produce the PDF without reducing the quality of the figures. After the PDF is done, please print it on a 600 dpi (at least) printer and check the printed results. Please don't hesitate to contact with us to prepare the manuscript. The detailed schedule and deadline information will updated in conference website.
Extended Manuscript Template (PDF version)

Extended Manuscript (Word version)

Copy Right Transfer Form (Word version)


Outstanding Paper Award

All accepted manuscripts are evaluated by the reviewer and the national organizing committee selected to the winning papers for the Outstanding paper award.

Young Researcher Award

ISMQC organizing committee support to encourage the young researcher. The selection of the winning papers will be the responsibility of the reviewers. The paper must be an original unpublished investigation dealing with research in measurement and quality control. Co-authorship is acceptable provided that the Young Researcher applicant is the primary author.